Welcome to peppertreeweek32.com, the web home of the "Extended Family"
Our Extended Family has been enjoying week 32 together at Peppertree by
The Sea for many years. Many of our members have been owners since the inception of "timeshare ownership" at the former International Hotel in the late 1980's.
Our family seems to grow each year, and that's OK with us. Any unit owner, and or family members are considered "family". Many of us have watched and often participated in the growth of our children into adults and the spawining of the next generation.
For several years, we've tried to maintain a "printed" spreadsheet of information, but assuring access to everyone just didn't happen with that method. In the day of technology, the website idea seems to be the right way to go.
We're prepared to do a lot of "hand holding" while we get this thing rolling, but the end result will be worth it.
Any other ideas or suggestions? Let us know. Any compliments? Let us know. Any complaints? I don't know ya! lol.